Our Mission

The Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival (LAJFF) builds community awareness, appreciation and pride in the diversity of the Jewish people through film.

The mission of LAJFF is to preserve and celebrate our rich Jewish heritage; to cultivate Jewish values and the quality of Jewish life in our community (not only for the affiliated but unaffiliated); and to create and maintain a sense of community by providing important and exciting programming for individuals, families and organizations.

Our Goals

• To present films that preserve and celebrate the rich tapestry of Jewish heritage.
• To build Jewish community by offering films that create awareness of important societal issues.
• To introduce films that reflect the profound heritage that Jewish people have brought to the world.
• To find and present thought-provoking films that will engage and build bridges between the Jewish community and the broader multi-ethnic fabric of Los Angeles.
• To offer unique, groundbreaking films that are not offered in any other venue in Los Angeles.
• To create programming that will educate its audience and promote the bright future of Jewish creativity.