Almost There

We are so close!! With some last minute changes to our lineup, we have been coping with the task of recreating the schedule and programs, hopefully for the last time! Lots of software and files to load and update, but slowly and carefully we are getting the job done.

We have worked very hard to make sure our best films will be available in both City and Valley venues. The Los Angeles Jewish Community is quite a diverse and exciting one, and we know that our selection of films will inform and entertain people from all walks of life, Jews and non-Jews alike!

We know the suspense in building, we like it that way, but all of the films, venues, award ceremonies and other LAJFF program information will be posted shortly… Don’t fret!!

Thanks for keeping informed, and as always, don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions!

Getting into Gear

LAJFF 2008 is fast approaching! Its 1 month prior to the festival and this is when we really get busy! The past 12 months of committee meetings, decisions, planning, budgeting and fundraising all culminate on May 8th, and we are making sure that our program will be better than ever this year!

What have we been working on? Meeting deadline after deadline for press releases, advertisements, websites, travel arrangements, ordering and reserving equipment, venue walk-throughs, final touches to the line-up, promotion, communication, final designs off to the printers, and soliciting volunteers are just a small part of what’s happening right now! The various LAJFF committees and teams are meeting almost daily at this point to put the finishing touches on all aspects of the festival.

This year we are really trying even harder to get everyone involved, so… behold: The LAJFF Blog!!! We will try to keep you informed with the latest updates and behind the scene festival information and give you a glimpse at what goes into producing one of the worlds best and most thorough Jewish film festivals!

Over the next weeks we’ll try and provide insight and stories of interest and we encourage you to comment or ask questions. Perhaps you’ve got an idea/question for a blog post you’d like to see? Something you’ve been dying to know a about the inner-workings of LAJFF? Email us and we’ll see what we can do! This blog is the way for us to have two-way communication with our audience in a public forum so don’t be shy! Email us through our contact form today!!

See you at the movies!

New Promo Video

Hello, loyal festival fans! I’m glad you are reading the blog and keeping up with the latest festival information! We are very close to the show, and it looks like the work is going to pay off!! Tickets are selling like hot cakes and some events are close to selling out! Just to make things more interesting, we have some new promotional video to spread about the web! Since you are loyal blog fans, I have decided to debut our new videos right here!

Check out the LAJFF Media Page for a new trailer, created by your’s truly and some hilarious spots by Alex Grossman about the recent writer’s strike.


Tickets! Tickets! Step Right Up!

Yay! The selections, schedule, tickets and highlights are up! We have over 30 of this years best Jewish films for you to enjoy! You can purchase tickets directly from our website by clicking the “Buy Tickets” icon next to the film titles on the 2008 Film Selections page!

Whats next for the LAJFF team? We are organizing our troops of volunteers to mail and distribute our brochures, posters and postcards to the diverse (and far-reaching) Los Angeles communities! Time to get back to work, if you want to help, please let us know!