2018 Acknowledgements:

This festival would not be possible without the tireless work of the following people:


Hilary Helstein, Festival Executive Director, David Suissa, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Adam Levine, Chief Financial Officer, Jonathan Fong, Artistic Director, Magda Strehlau, Festival Associate Director, Rachel Core, Festival Assistant, and all the helpful staff of the Jewish Journal. 


John Fishel, Honorary Festival Chair; Kim Cavallo & Michele Kaufman, Founding Co-Chairs; Marge Chirchick & Elke Ereshefsky, Festival Co-Chairs; Larry Anklewicz, Programming Consultant; Shirley & Phil Sniderman, Community Liaison Co-Chairs; Elaine Seltzer, Volunteer Committee Chair; Marge Chirchick,  Elke Ereshefsky, Edward Gallo, Candy Mintz, Marla Rubin, Opening Night Committee; Georgette Dunst, Anat Gilboa, Lorie Girsh, Regina Safdie, Suzannah Warlick, Screening Committee; Laura Grosz, Latin American Coordinator; Todd Felderstein, Media Arts; Kenny Ellis, Nancy Glassberg, Bradley Richie, Laura Wachal, Outreach Development.

Additional Thanks:

Rabbi Jerry Cutler of Creative Arts Temple, Stan Taffel, Roz Wolf PR, Burt Boyar z”l, Greg Laemmle, Chef Josette, Jeffrey Ebenstein of Councilmember Paul Koretz’s office, Andi Lovano of the City of West Hollywood, Neil Friedman and staff of Menemsha Films, Susan Freudenheim of JWW, Simone Bliss of Austrian Consulate, Gert Korentschnig, Deputy Consul General Kathrin Steinbrenner & Consul Jan Peter Schmitt of the Consulate General of Germany, the Consulate General of Israel, Beth Kean & Rachel Fidler of LA Museum of the Holocaust, Chef Josette, Robert Uher, Dan Kacvinski,  Lily Moore of Legacy Entertainment.