2014 Acknowledgements:

This festival would not be possible without the tireless work of the following people:


Hilary Helstein, Festival Executive Director, David Suissa, President, Rob Eshman, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Susan Freudenheim, Executive Editor, Adam Levine, Chief Financial Officer, Jonathan Fong, Artistic Director, Anna Hossnieh, Festival Assistant, and all the helpful staff of The Jewish Journal.


John Fishel, Honorary Festival Chair; Kim Cavallo & Michele Kaufman, Founding Co-Chairs; Marge Chirchick & Elke Ereshefsky, Festival Co-Chairs; Larry Anklewicz, Programming Consultant; Cori Drasin, Volunteer Committee Chair; Shirley & Phil Sniderman, Community Liaison Co-Chairs; Judy Nussenblatt, Synagogue Liaison; Marge Chirchick, Dov Cohen, Susan Dean, Elke Ereshefsky, Candy Mintz, Opening Night Committee; Chana & Phil Bell, Gabriela Bohm, Jillian Moul, Sharon Rennert, Shirley & Phil Sniderman, Claudia Sobral, Suzannah Warlick, Screening Committee; Todd Felderstein, Media Arts; Giselle Dunst & Laura Grosz, Latin American Community Liaison; Nancy Hirsch, South Bay Liaison; Rob Allen, Sam Goldberg, Outreach Development.

Additional Thanks:

Roz Wolf PR, Marvin Paige, (in memoriam,) Robert Uher, Rabbi David Baron, Kasey Carter, Jill Hoyt of the Jerusalem Foundation, Noa Regev of the Jerusalem Cinematheque, Alison Mayersohn of ADL, Janice Kaminer-Reznik & Michael Jeser of Jewish World Watch, Samara Hutman of LA Museum of the Holocaust, Matt Baram of ATID, Erin Champion, Bess Scher, Karen & Kat Kramer, Gerry Anklewicz, Steve Nafshun, Ada Guerin, Dan Kacvinski, Naomi Pfefferman-Magid, Tom Tugend, Lynn Pelkey, Sara Budisantoso Lily Moore of Legacy Entertainment, Joel Goldman of ELS, Linda Shayne, Greg Laemmle, Kevin Jordan, Cece Feiler, Sandra Braun, Rosie Vass, Hudson Helstein for allowing us to work, and the patient families of our dedicated volunteers.