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A la Vie (To Life)
Los Angeles Premiere
Drama/France/2014/104 minutes
Directed by Jean-Jacques Zilbermann
Starring Julie Depardieu, Johanna ter Steege, Suzanne Clément
French with English subtitles


Veteran French writer/director Jean-Jacques Zilber- mann (He’s My Girl – LAJFF 2011) sets his engaging new drama in postwar Paris where Hélène (Julie Depardieu), a young Auschwitz survivor rebuilds her life while searching for her friends from the camp, Lily and Rose (Johanna ter Steege, Suzanne Clément). When the women are finally reunited, they share a vacation in 1962 in a seaside resort, enjoying the intimacies of life, love and faith. This emotionally complex film about the sustaining power of women’s friendship was inspired by the director’s mother and the friends she made in the camps. Don’t miss this masterful film star- ring a trio of award-winning actresses.

  • Thursday, May 19, 7:30 pm
    Temple Israel of Hollywood
  • Sponsored by Temple Israel of Hollywood


Anywhere Else (Anderswo)
Los Angeles Premiere

Dramedy/Germany/2014/87 minutes
Directed by Ester Amrami
Starring Neta Riskin, Golo Euler, Hana Laslo
German, Hebrew, Yiddish with English subtitles

anywhere else

Noa (Neta Riskin – Shtisel,) an Israeli grad student living in Berlin is about to graduate and has recently moved in with her German boyfriend, Jörg (Golo Euler – The Grand Budapest Hotel.) Suddenly she experiences a personal crisis. When her professor rejects her dissertation, a dictionary for untranslatable words, and things become strained with Jörg, she flies back to Israel on a whim, seeking the refuge of the primal nest. But there she discovers home life is no better than when she left it. Her overbearing mother (Hana Laslo) offers little comfort, and the unannounced arrival of Jörg thrusts Noa into deep conflict and puts everyone on edge.

Official Selection of the Berlinale and Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

  • Tuesday, May 24, 8:00 pm
    Silverlake Independent JCC


Barchu Call To Action
Student Film Showcase

Shorts & PSAs/USA/ 2016/75 minutes
Multiple teen directors

LAJFF and The Righteous Conversations Project are back for the 5th annual showcase, highlighting a diverse range of fine student films that illuminate human stories to promote a more just, humane and dignified world.

  • Sunday, May 22, 10:30 am
    Laemmle’s Royal
  • Student filmmaker panel
  • In partnership with The Righteous Conversations Project at LA Museum of the Holocaust


Children of Giant
Los Angeles Premiere
Documentary/USA/2015/85 minutes
Directed by Hector Galan

children ofgiant2

In the summer of 1955, Hollywood descended on the dusty West Texas town of Marfa as production began on the highly anticipated movie Giant. Based on the novel by Edna Ferber, the daughter of a Hungarian- born Jewish storekeeper, the author’s own encounters with discrimination informed her work. Similarly stirred to address human rights issues after his WWII military service, Oscar-winning director George Stevens embraced the book’s controversial themes of feminism, class division and racism in post-war America. Rare footage and clips from the movie complement interviews with surviving cast and crew, film historians, as well as residents whose lives mirrored the social issues explored onscreen.

  • Panel discussion with featured guests in the film include actor Earl Holliman, biographers M.G. Lord & Marilyn Moss, moderated by Nick Redman
  • Thursday, May 19, 7:30 pm
    Laemmle’s Town Center
  • In cooperation with CSUN Jewish Studies Program


East LA Interchange
Documentary/USA/2015/60 Minutes

Written & Directed by Betsy Kalin
Associate Producer Ruby Gomez
English & Spanish with English subtitles

east la interchange

The oldest neighborhood in East Los Angeles, Boyle Heights for decades was proudly multi-ethnic. Working-class families of Latino, Russian, Japanese, African- American and the largest settlement of Jews west of Chicago melded into a vibrant tapestry of shared ideals. Targeted by government policies and California planners, this quintessential immigrant neighborhood survived racially restrictive housing laws, Japanese- American internment, lack of political representa- tion, and the construction of North America’s largest freeway system. The Jews who remained in Boyle Heights were committed to preserving the neighbor- hood’s diversity. This story of activists and residents shows Boyle Heights as a microcosm for Americans everywhere. Features interviews with will.i.am (The Black Eyed Peas,) Father Greg Boyle (Homeboy Industries,) Momo Yashima (actress – Star Trek: the Motion Picture.)

  • Panel discussion at both shows with director Betsy Kalin, and featured guests in the film including Congresswoman Roybal-Allard  (only Breed St. show) activist, Leo Frumkin, Momo Yashima and Don Hodes, moderated by Ruby Gomez, associate producer
  • Sunday, May 22, 3:00 pm
    Breed Street Shul


  • Tuesday, May 24, 7:30 pm
    Laemmle’s Town Center


  • Sponsored by the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles

JCF logo yellow

  • In partnership with the Jewish Historical Society and Breed Street Shul Project
  • Community Partner: Anti-Defamation League Latino Jewish Roundtable and Asian Jewish Initiative

False Flag (Kfulim)
North American Premiere

Drama-Series/Israel/2015/80 minutes (2 episodes)
Created by Amit Cohen and Maria Feldman
Directed by Oded Ruskin
Starring Ishai Golan, Ania Bukstein, Angel Bonanni
Hebrew with English subtitles


Premiered at the Berlinale 2015

Five Israeli citizens find themselves plunged into a gripping international espionage affair overnight. These ordinary people, going about their daily business, wake up one morning to discover that they are implicated in a ruthless kidnapping opera- tion following the disappearance of the Iranian Defense Minister while on a secret visit to Moscow. News bulletins repeatedly flash their names and passport photos on screen, linking them to video footage from the kidnapping. The coverage turns their lives upside down and sweeps them up a storm of publicity and speculation. They are Israel’s new heroes of the day, the subjects of the nation’s curiosity, mockery and admiration – all at the same time. The show is loosely based on the story of the assassination in Dubai of a senior Hamas official.

  • Q&A with series creator Amit Cohen and up-and-coming actor, Angel Bonanni at the…

  • Wednesday, May 18
    7:00 pm – red carpet/reception
    8:00 pm – show begins
    The Steve Tisch Cinema Center at the Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills


The evening will open with a ceremony honoring the LAEMMLE THEATRES on their commitment to bringing the best foreign cinema to greater LA for over 75 years.

  • Co-Sponsored by Temple of the Arts, the Consulate General of Israel and Keshet International & Tender Productions
  • In partnership with the Israeli-American Council
  • Monday, May 23, 7:30 pm
    Laemmle’s Town Center


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Fever at Dawn (Hajnali láz)
US Premiere

Drama/Hungary/Israel/Sweden/2015/110 minutes
Directed by Péter Gárdos
Starring Gila Almagor, Milán Schruff and Emöke Piti
Hungarian with English subtitles

fever at down

July 1945. Miklós, a 25 year-old Hungarian is looking for love. Having survived the Nazi death camps and now living in a hospital in Sweden, he has been diagnosed with tuberculosis and is given only six months to live. But Miklós has other plans. Rather than accept his fate he sets out on a mission to find a wife in this exquisite tale of love and hope while trying to outwit his own death. He acquires the names of the 117 Hungarian women also recovering in Sweden, and he writes a letter to each of them. One of the girls is 19-year-old Lili, who likes Miklós’s letter, and they start corresponding. Inspired by true events of the award-winning director’s (Péter Gárdos) own parents, which he learned upon being given their love letters.

Preceded by:

With a Little Patience
Los Angeles Premiere

Narrative short/Hungary/2008/14 minutes
Directed by László Nemes

with a little patience

First film made by Oscar-winning director of “Son of Saul”

Director László Nemes fixes the camera on the evocatively stoic face of a young female office clerk, capturing her every nuance as she methodically goes about her daily routine, which leads to a solemn revelation just outside the window, where a man is waiting.

Premiered at the Venice International Film Festival.

  • Monday, May 23, 7:30 pm
    Laemmle’s Music Hall


  • Introduction by Consul General of Hungary, László Kálmán
  • In partnership with the Consulate General of Hungary

Golan: A Farewell to Mr. Cinema
Los Angeles Premiere
Documentary/UK/Israel/74 minutes
Directed by Christopher Sykes


This film is the final chapter in the extraordinary life and career of Menahem Golan, Israeli movie director, producer, mogul and ‘madman’. Golan and his cousin Yoram Globus, pursued the American Dream and turned the Hollywood power structure upside down, producing over 300 films and becoming the most powerful independent film company in the world; Cannon Films. Golan produced movies featuring such stars as Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Charles Bronson. In his eighties and living in Jaffa, Golan looks back to his great days in Hollywood, forward to a new blockbuster, and dreams of the Oscar he has always wanted…

  • Q&A with Sam Firstenberg, Cannon Films director and actress Sybil Danning
  • Sunday, May 22, 7:15 pm
    Laemmle’s Music Hall


Half the Town
US Premiere
Documentary/Germany/2015/88 min
Directed by Pawel Siczek
Produced by Nicole Leykauf
German and Polish with English subtitles


Photographer Chaim Berman’s legacy of approximately 10,000 portraits on glass negatives remained undiscovered for decades, showing unidentified people from his everyday life– Poles, Jews, and Germans – who coexisted in almost complete freedom. These glass negatives are the basis of this film which attempts to reconstruct the life of its creator and a European era which is forever lost. When the Nazis invaded Kozienice, neighbors attempted to rescue him and his family and hid Berman in a tiny basement. This fascinating but tragic story is reconstructed through lively animation and new images developed from these rare historical negatives.

  • Q&A with producer Nicole Leykauf
  • Monday, May 23, 7:00 pm
    Goethe Institut Los Angeles


  • Sponsored by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland
  • In partnership with the Goethe Institut LA
  • In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the German-Polish Friendship Treaty

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In Search of Israeli Cuisine
Los Angeles Premiere

Documentary/USA/2015/97 minutes
Directed by Roger Sherman
Starring Michael Solomonov

israeli cuisine

Michael Solomonov, the James Beard award-winning celebrity chef-restaurateur travels across Israel to savor a food revolution rooted in centuries-old tradition. Developed in only the last 30 years and using both ancient farming techniques and high-tech innovations, Israel’s food scene is among the most dynamic in the world. From Tel Aviv’s most exclusive eateries to street bazaars, Israeli-American Solomonov interviews chefs, home cooks, farmers, vintners, and cheese makers drawn from the more than 100 cultures that make up Israel today — Jewish, Arab, Muslim, Christian, and Druze. This journey to his homeland reaffirms that Israeli cuisine is a beautiful and delectable reflection of the country’s unique diversity.

  • Thursday, May 19, 7:30 pm
    Laemmle’s Music Hall
  • Discussion with Rob Eshman, Publisher & Editor- in-Chief of Jewish Journal, blog “Foodaism”and Amelia Saltsman, award-winning cookbook author of the “Seasonal Jewish Kitchen


  • Sunday, May 22, 4:30 pm
    Laemmle’s Town Center
  • Discussion with Elana Horwich, Founder of Meal and a Spiel and chef Ofir Arbel moderated by Julia Moss


  • In partnership with Jewish Journal
  • Sponsored by American Technion Society
  • In cooperation with the Consulate General of Israel

Israeli logoATSLogo_CMYK_SM


The Liberators: Why We Fought
Los Angeles Premiere

Documentary/Germany/2015/53 minutes
Directed by Emanuel Rotstein
English and German with English subtitles

the liberators

Brought to you from the History Channel Germany, this film features the personal memories of some of the last living veterans, taking viewers on a journey from their quaint U.S. hometowns to the shores of Europe and their final march through Nazi Germany. Their stories are interwoven with the accounts of some of the few remaining survivors of Dachau who owe their lives to these American soldiers. Today, both liberators and survivors, with a bonded relationship, share the de- termination that the world must never forget. Features interviews with Angeleno locals, Ben Lesser and Joshua Kaufman. Note: Some graphic content.

  • Q&A with Ben Lesser and Joshua Kaufman

Preceded by:

The Art and Life of David Labkovski
Short/USA/2015/6 minutes

Directed by Carole Eglash-Kosoff
Produced by Leora Raikin

life and arts

A talented, but unknown, Jewish artist survived the Holocaust through his art in his native Vilna, Lithuania, and during eight years in a Siberian prison camp, where he served as a sketch and tattoo artist.

  • Q&A with Leora Raikin
  • Monday, May 23, 7:30 pm
    Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills
  • In partnership with Temple Emanuel and HadassahBuyTickets

None Shall Escape
Restored Classic!
Drama/USA/1944/85 minutes
Directed by Andre de Toth
Written by Alfred Neumann and Joseph Than
Starring Marsha Hunt, Alexander Knox, Henry Travers

none shall escape

Alfred Neumann and Joseph Than were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Story

None Shall Escape is a 1944 war film. Even though it was made during World War II, the setting is a post- war Nuremberg-style war crimes trial. Production spanned from August – October 1943, more than eighteen months before the war in Europe ended. Wilhelm Grimm (Alexander Knox,) is a Nazi officer who is on trial for crimes against humanity. The story unfolds through the eyes of several witnesses, including a Catholic priest, Father Warecki (Henry Travers – It’s a Wonderful Life,) and Marja (Marsha Hunt,) a woman whom he was once engaged to. Writers Neumann and Than were European émigrés, as was Hungarian-born director, Andre de Toth. This 72 year-old film was the only American anti-Nazi picture made during the war years to address the issue of war crimes and the atrocities against the the Jews and the Holocaust.

Marsha Hunt, 98 year-old actress/activist will receive the Marvin Paige Hollywood Legacy Award!


  • Q&A with Marsha Hunt moderated by Dr. Jan-Christopher Horak, Director of UCLA Film & Television Archive
  • Wednesday, May 25, 7:30 pm
    Ahrya Fine Arts Theater


  • Sponsored by Linda D. Levitz and Leon J. Levitz
  • Courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment

The People vs. Fritz Bauer
Los Angeles Premiere
Drama/Germany/2015/105 minutes
Directed by Lars Kraume
Starring Burghart Klaussner, and Ronald Zehrfeld
German with English subtitles

Die Heimatlosen / Fritz Bauer (AT)

Winner at the Locarno International Film Festival

Top German actors Burghart Klaussner (The White Ribbon) and Ronald Zehrfeld (Barbara, Phoenix) star in this riveting historical thriller, which chronicles the staggering efforts to bring Nazi war criminals to justice. Few figures encapsulate the conflicted character of postwar Germany better than Fritz Bauer, the At- torney General who was instrumental in bringing the elusive Adolf Eichmann to trial in Israel. This film is a moving portrait of a complex man that revealed the Herculean efforts and tremendous risks undertaken en route to apprehending the chief engineer of the Nazis’ Final Solution. Fritz Bauer was the Attorney General portrayed in “Labyrinth of Lies.” This is the story that led up to the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trials.

  • Introduction by Deputy Consul General of Germany, Stefan Biedermann
  • Tuesday, May 24, 7:30 pm
    Laemmle’s Music Hall


  • Sponsored by the Goldrich Family Foundation in cooperation with the LA Museum of the Holocaust and the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany


The Pickle Recipe
Los Angeles Premiere
Comedy/USA/2016/98 minutes
Directed by Michael Manasseri
Written & Produced by Sheldon Cohn & Gary Wolfson
Starring Jon Dore, Lynn Cohen, David Paymer, Eric Edelstein, Miriam Lee


Joey Miller is the undisputed king of Detroit party MC’s. He’s also a single father and deeply in debt. To make matters worse, during his latest, one-of-a-kind wedding performances, all his prized sound and lighting equipment gets destroyed in a freak accident. After exhausting all of his options, he turns to his shady Uncle Morty (David Paymer – Amistad, City Slickers) who agrees to give him the needed money to get back into business. But only under one condition. Joey must go and steal his grandmother Rose’s (Lynn Cohen – Munich, Sex and the City) most prized possession: her famous top secret dill pickle recipe. And it’s a recipe that she has vowed to take to her grave.

  • Q&A with Sheldon Cohn & Michael Manasseri
  • Saturday, May 21, 8:00 pm
    Laemmle’s Town Center
  • Delicious pickles sponsored by Brent’s Deli!


  • Q&A with Sheldon Cohn, Michael Manasseri and actor Eric Edelstein
  • Sunday, May 22, 4:30 pm
    Laemmle’s Music Hall
  • Delicious pickles sponsored by Factor’s Famous Deli!


Shnei Kuni Lemel
(The Flying Matchmaker)
Los Angeles Premiere
Musical Comedy, Israel/1966/120 minutes

Directed by Israel Becker
Starring Mike Burstyn, Shmuel Rodensky, Rina Ganor, Pesach Burstein
Hebrew with English subtitles


Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Mike Burstyn’s Legendary Israeli Classic!

This madcap comedy marked Broadway legend Mike Burstyn’s explosive first appearance on the movie screen. Set in the world of the Eastern European shtetl, Burstyn masterfully plays a double roleinthishilariousfarce. RebKalmanishiredto find a match for Carolina, daughter of the wealthy Reb Pinchas, who is determined to prevent her from marrying her tutor, Max (Mike Burstyn). Reb Kalman finds Kuni Lemel (also Burstyn), a village idiot, who looks exactly like Max, except that Kuni limps, stutters and has only one good eye. Max plans to impersonate Kuni so that Reb Pinchas will marry off his daughter to Max by mistake. But when the real Kuni Lemel shows up, everyone is confused.

Award presentation to Mike Burstyn for Lifetime Achievement by Monty Hall!

  • Saturday, May 21, 8:00 pm
    Laemmle’s Music Hall


  • Sunday, May 22, 7:15 pm
    Laemmle’s Town Center


  • Q&A with Mike Burstyn in person at both shows!
  • Sponsored by the Consulate General of Israel

Shores of Light
Los Angeles Premiere
Documentary/Israel/Italy/2015/60 minutes
Directed by Yael Katzir
Produced by Dan Katzir and Ravit Markus
Hebrew and Italian with English subtitles

shores of light

Thousands of Jewish survivors arrived in Southern Italy after WWII, en route to the land of Israel. Surprisingly, they were welcomed by the impoverished local Italians who helped them rebuild their lives. At this time of psychological and physical healing, hundreds of children were born. The film follows the story of three Israeli women who were born in Santa-Maria-di-Leuca in 1946. They return to discover the footprints left by their parents. This poignant untold story of warmth and compassion, weaves rare historical footage with unique testimonials capturing a ray of light after great darkness.

  • Q&A with Yael Katzir, Dan Katzir & Ravit Markus
  • Award presentation to the Consul General of Italy, Antonio Verde
  • Introduction by Samara Hutman, Executive Director, LA Museum of the Holocaust
  • Thursday, May 19, 7:30 pm
    Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust


  • Sponsored by Pamela & Randol Schoenberg in co-operation with the LA Museum of the Holocaust, the Consulate General of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute


Shorts/Multiple Countries/2015/90 minutes

Multiple directors

Short films are an increasingly popular art form. But a really good short is rare. A mix of vibrant storytelling — including fiction, documentary, drama and comedy, this exceptional collection highlights very Jewish and personal stories.

Films screening include:

Narrative short/Israel/2015/29 min
Director: Nurith Cohn
Written by: Emanuel Cohn
Produced by Maale Film School, Jerusalem
Hebrew and German, with English subtitles

The Little Dictator3

Professor Yossi Kleinmann is a non-charismatic history professor lecturing on political leaders in totalitarian regimes. Neither his students nor his domineering wife show him any respect. At a Sabbath weekend celebrating the 90th birthday of his wife’s grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, Yossi suddenly finds himself in an unexpected situation which forces him to confront history, his family and himself.

The pilot episode for the new web series “Soon By You”
Narrative short/USA/2015/16 min
Director: Leah Gottfried
Best Short at the Washington Jewish Film Festival

the set up AM

A whimsical, funny and poignant film about David, a Jewish Modern Orthodox rabbinical student and two very different girls named Sarah. When Davids train gets delayed he is forced to sprint through New York City to make it to his blind date on time. When he gets there however, he sits down across from the wrong Sarah. Or was she really the right one?


Narrative short/Canada/2014/17 min
Director: Ben Shirinian

josef and aimee

During World War II in the South of France, an orphaned boy embarks on a journey to find a friend. Josef & Aimee is a magical childhood love story about two Jewish children orphaned in the south of France during WWII. In this story of love, loss and struggle, a young boy’s quest to reunite with a cherished friend takes him on a journey where he finds so much more.


Narrative short/USA/2015/15 min
Director: David Henry Gerson


When an SS officer encounters a troupe of actors who are camp survivors celebrating the end of WWII, he must come to terms with his complicity in their grief.


Documentary short/Austria/2015/22 min
Director: Wolfgang Els
Writer: Edward Serotta


Shelly Weiner and Raya Kizhnerman live in Greensboro, NC. Both born in the bustling city of Rivnethen in Poland, now in Ukraine, it was home to 20,000 Jews. In 1941, the Germans stormed into town and planned on murdering every Jew they could find. How Shelly and Raya survived the massacre is a story they tell themselves, not long after they visited Rivne in 2013.

  • Sunday, May 22, 5:30 pm
    Temple Israel of Hollywood
  • Sponsored by Temple Israel of Hollywood


Documentary short/USA/2014/23 minutes

Directed by Ned McNeilage


For seven Hollywood golden-era veterans with a combined age of 662, the show goes on. From a Vaudeville comedian still working at 100 to the stunning siren who dated Ronald Reagan when he was a Democrat, these showfolk, all living at the Motion Picture and Television Fund home in the San Fernando Valley, share wisdom and inspiration garnered over seven lifetimes in the business.

Followed by:

Return to Rivne: A Holocaust Story
Documentary short/Austria/2015/22 minutes

Directed by Wolfgang Els
Written by Edward Serotta


Shelly Weiner and Raya Kizhnerman live in Greensboro, NC. Both born in the bustling city of Rivne—then in Poland, now in Ukraine, it was home to 20,000 Jews. In 1941, the Germans stormed into town and planned on murdering every Jew they could find. How Shelly and Raya survived the massacre is a story they tell themselves, not long after they visited Rivne in 2013.

  • Tuesday, May 24, 12:30 pm
    National Council of Jewish Women


  • Community Partner: Café Europa
  • Sponsored by Chana & Phil Bell in honor of Sophie & Max Lazar


Surviving Skokie
West Coast Premiere
Documentary/USA/2015/65 minutes
Directed by Eli Adler & Blair Gershkow

surviving skokie

This riveting film centers on a series of dark days in small-town America that force a resilient group of Holocaust survivors to relive a devastating past. Eli Adler’s deeply personal film follows the path of his father, Jack Adler, a Polish survivor of the concentration camps who built a life in Skokie, Illinois following the war. But the quiet existence of thousands of survivors is rocked to its core in the late ‘70s when a neo-Nazi group announces plans to march through town. The community comes together to confront these hate mongers.

  • Q&A with Eli Adler

Playing with

Eulogy of Pini Gurevich
Narrative Short/Israel/2015/20 minutes

Directed by Jacob Nes-EL
Hebrew with English subtitles


Yoni Kaplan, an actor, gets a bizarre job — to read a eulogy written by the deceased at his own funeral. Pini Gurevich wrote his eulogy to reveal a life-long hidden secret that leaves everyone in astonishment, most of all Yoni.

  • Saturday, May 21, 8:00 pm
  • Congregation Beth Shalom of Santa Clarita
  • Sponsored by Congregation Beth Shalom


Surviving Skokie will screen a second time with…

Framed: The Adventures of Zion Man
Narrative Short/USA/2015/16 minutes
Directed by Brenda Lee Lau
Starring Jaeden Lieberher


1933 Germany was a confusing time for a Jewish boy, coming of age in an era when nothing made sense. Why was he being bullied just because of who he was? By drawing comic book heroes Walter (Jaeden Lieberher – Masters of Sex, St. Vincent) creates a universe where he can defeat these evil predators who invaded his real world.

  • Sunday, May 22, 11:00 am
  • Laemmle’s Playhouse, Pasadena
  • Sponsored by Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center